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Sublingually, by inhalation and/or by intramuscular injection and/or intravenous injection. Hansi then activates, strengthens and balances the body's immune system, which becomes stimulated to perform its innate functions of fighting disease and restoring homeostasis.


¿What is Hansipuncture?
Hansipuncture is simply the technique of injecting small amounts of the homeopathic Hansi injectable "Z" formula in to the acupuncture points applicable to the physical problem being treated. We have found that 0.25 cc per acupuncture point is usually enough to get good results. This treatment has been found to be highly effective and much less traumatic to the body than treatment with traditional allopathic drugs used in similar situations. An injection of Hansi injectable "Z" formula will give similar relief within 12 - 24 hours with no accumulative damage to the bone or any other structure.
This technique has evolved over the past few years by practical use on thousands of patients. The practitioner should understand that acupuncture is a holistic treatment rather than only a localized pain treatment. Hansi-AT treats the whole body, and for those unfamiliar with acupuncture as taught in Asia, some points used may seem unrelated to the area being addressed. Be assured that this manual has been researched and assembled by a medical professional who has had practical, day to day experience working on thousands of patients with the problems presented in this manual.

​​​​​​​As you become more familiar with this new technique, and make it a part of your daily practice, do not be surprised if the patient reports an improvement in something other than the problem you are concentrating on. As a holistic treatment. Hansi will surprise you with unexpected benefits to the patient. An overall energy boost and attitude change is usually noticed within the first week, and the Hansi clinical program (consisting of sublinguals "O,"V" and injectable "Z") many times quickly reduces symptoms of depression which often accompany chronic pain or disease.
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This manual has been arranged in a loose leaf binder so that the instructions for treating a particular problem may be easily found and the book laid flat to work out of. This leads to some redundancy in areas of the book, but makes it easier to use. You will find the diagrams of acupuncture points conveniently located opposite the written instructions for locating them. Each "dis-ease" has information on how to help your patient using Hansipuncture, homeo.


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